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When you’re looking for the house that will change your life, it better be something undeniably worth your time. Well, Amaia Scapes Laguna swears by to amaze you and exceed your expectations with its amenities and facilities. You will feel like royalty given the care and treatment you will have in the comforts of your home. As you enter the development, you will appreciate the security of the place with its guarded entrance and exit places. You won’t have to worry about unwanted guests and be secured at all times.

One of its pride is the fact that the whole location is flood-free. Finally! It’s a place where you’re filled with confidence that you’re safe from damaging floods and the feeling of being ready for any typhoons. That’s what Amaia Scapes Laguna can promise to you.

Once you step in at the vicinity, you will be totally refreshed with the Patio Greens all over the place along with the fresh air. As you look around the place, you will notice how soothing it is in the eyes to see tree-lined roads. It’s like nature collided with luxury with all the combined aesthetics of Amaia Scapes Laguna. The serenity and peace you will feel are incomparable and truly priceless for everyone.

 Moreover, your pursuit of wellness should be satisfied here in a snap. The Village Patio for the community includes a Basketball Court for those who love sports. When it comes to your children, you can always let them have fun at the Playground provided for them where they can interact with your neighbors’ kids as well. The Patio is also up for you to use in case you need it. For your benefit, you are also provided with a continuous water supply. This means you won’t experience any inconvenience or interruption even on the busiest days. Your satisfaction is truly the number one priority here.

But wait, let’s not forget the most exciting part for kids as well as the kids at heart! The hot weather in our country calls for a cool dip every now and then at the Swimming Pool. You can also try stargazing at night while swimming since the skies here in Laguna are not polluted and very clear. That’s such a steal especially to those who are fond of amazing views.

Additionally, here at Amaia Scapes Laguna, you are guaranteed of security and safety 24/7. The place is filled with CCTV cameras to bring you the assurance of protection. There are also security guards in strategic areas for any emergencies or help needed in your homes. There’s nothing like being at peace within your homes. We make sure you’re at ease and well informed of the happenings within your community. That’s the difference that we claim. Overall, you can ease away all your stress with the invigorating amenities here. There’s no need to look for anywhere else. We’ve got everything you’ve ever dreamed of here at Amaia Scapes Laguna.

  • Guarded Entrance/Exits
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Patio Greens
  • Village Patio 
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
  • Pavilion 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
  • Continuous Water Supply
  • Complete Electrical and Drainage/Sewage Facilities
  • Flood-free community
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